Overseas Radio LLC has kicked off the new Key West radio station KONK Broadcasting, “The Little Radio Station with a BIG VOICE”. The new radio station represents a new talk-format station in the Florida Keys market. Since our inception we have developed a community newspaper, KONK Life, a syndicated advertising network KONK Deals and currently under development community cable access television.The new broadcasts feature local personalities speaking on current issues, people and events delivered daily as “The Truth from the Booth. KONK Broadcasting is creating a local theme that embraces the world, and through its webcast enables the world to connect to Key West.

KONK Broadcasting began broadcasting on May 26 2009 featuring a variety of hosts, styles and opinions. Sir Peter Anderson, the Vice Admiral of the Conch Republic, actor and activist Richard Grusin, news director Guy deBoer, real estate expert Jim Smith, eco-friendly Activist Erica Biddle, Barbara Bowers and arts and movie promoter Michael Shields are just a few of KONK Broadcasting on-air personalities.

Station Director Guy deBoer says, “KONK Broadcasting”is a custom-radio station with nothing off the shelf. Local Keys personalities will have direct input in deciding show topics and guests.

Nowhere else in the world is a station’s non-music broadcast lineup designed specifically to meet the culture of where its message is originated and delivered. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a new local radio brand that will lead the way in opening public dialog and discussion.”

Having grown up on the Key West rock radio of the past, deBoer identified an un-served demand for a new creative voice and developed KONK Broadcasting to be that new presence in local talk radio.

“This new broadcast model will build the Key West and Florida Keys brand and expand beyond the great musical legacies of musicians and groups like Jimmy Buffett, Mile Marker 24 and Caffeine Carl,” he said. “KONK Radio is a creative station that will represent Key West as a unique culture.

Our local radio show hosts will be the mainstay of the station’s broadcasts. They will engage the local cultural scene, support our residents, and give voice to their takes on the issues and concerns regarding life in Key West.”

The station launch marks the beginning of a new home for talk radio in the Florida Keys. With local listeners as well as listeners from around the world tuning in, our station will provide timely information and leads on what to do and see, and where to stay, making KONK Broadcasting a companion to the fun and quirkiness of the Conch culture.

Just by listening, reading and searching the internet you too can join in the KONK Broadcasting on-air family.

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